PETVIM | natural cat multivitamins
PETVIM is the only all natural, soluble superfood supplement for cats and dogs. The powerful blend of 7 nutrient rich superfoods can help your pet stay healthy, happy and hydrated.
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natural cat multivitamins

13 Apr Daily Multivitamins for Cats

Cats are smart about avoiding their medications and vitamins, but you're smarter. Australian Vet Recommended and Formulated PETVIM makes it easy to give your cat all the daily multivitamins and nutrition they essentially need. There’s no need hide tablets in human foods, such as...

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14 Apr Cat Supplements Australia

Today many cat owners and Vets consider it important to give pet cats good quality vitamin and mineral supplements in addition to their regular daily diet. Sadly, most cat foods are now heat treated, full of preservatives and are so highly processed they lack many of the key...

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22 Mar Nutritional Supplements for Cats

Cat lovers and Vets around the world are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of supplementing cats regular diets. Canned, highly processed and heat treated wet and dry foods are no longer able to offer the nutritional support that cats. There is now the need to add vitamins...

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jumping.paws #daisyreviewss • review on @petvim shipping ? shipping was amazing! only took about 3-4 days, i'm impressed! owner ??‍♀ Gabrielle was so kind and so easy to work with. she responded to my emails very quick :) what i received ? pet superfood powder (hydration and nutrient supplement) impressions ? this. is. amazing. ALL pet owners...

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20 Jun Fancy Eating Cat?

Most people seem to be aware that some Asian countries eat a lot of dogs in their diet. However, did you know nearly four million felines are eaten every single year throughout Asia? So when you're next visiting an Asian country – and don’t fancy eating cat...

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17 Feb Pet Vitamins-Treat the Cause NOT the Symptom

Sadly it's a fact of life that our beloved pets sometimes get sick. If your pet is in obvious pain and discomfort this usually requires a visit to your local Vet.  Sometimes, however, it may be wise to treat the cause and not the symptom and first try...

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