PETVIM | Superfoods for Cats
PETVIM is the only all natural, soluble superfood supplement for cats and dogs. The powerful blend of 7 nutrient rich superfoods can help your pet stay healthy, happy and hydrated.
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07 Feb Superfoods for Cats

We’ve all heard of the Superfoods broccoli, kale and blueberries and their amazing benefits to human health.  But what exactly are Superfoods and are there Superfoods for cats?

Not all foods are created equal and some are so jam packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, electrolytes and essential fatty acids that they’ve been deemed “Superfoods”.

Superfoods, as well having incredible health benefits for humans can also be amazingly beneficial for cats. Superfoods can help protect against cancer and heart disease, lower cholesterol, protect the organs from toxins, improve digestive health and help with anxiety and dpepression. Some veterinarians even say Superfoods can help your cat live longer. So as well as Superfoods being particularly beneficial for humans they also can have an amazing impact on your pet cats health.

There are 7 superfoods that are particularly beneficial to cats health. These include coconut water, beetroot, turmeric, black pepper, maca, lucuma and pink Himalayan sea salt. It has been shown that these 7 all natural superfoods combined can help keep your cat healthy and  hydrated,  balance and support nutrition.  help support health brain function, help with skin allergies and coat conditions, assist and support joint function and can even help your cat live longer!

These 7 amazing superfoods can now all be found in one easy to use water-soluble cat vitamin and mineral supplement Petvim. Petvim is a unique as it is a water- soluble superfood powder that you simply add to your cats daily water bowl for them to drink throughout the day. You can also sprinkle Petvim on your cats wet or dry food.

Petvim is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to help ensure your cat is getting the daily vitamins, minerals and nutrition it needs naturally!

To read more about the amazing benefits of the all natural, water soluble, cat vitamin and mineral nutritional supplement Petvim visit https://www.petvim.com.au/

Petvim retails for $24.95 per 150 gram pouch and lasts approximately 2 months depending on your cats size. To order Petvim online https://www.petvim.com.au/

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