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supplements for a healthy dog

Dog Supplements

The correct balance of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fluids are all important factors in helping ensure your dog stays healthy. Bright eyes and a healthy coat are all key signs of a healthy dog and a healthy digestive system.

If your dog lives on a diet mainly of processed wet or dry foods, it is a good idea to consider adding a good quality vitamin and mineral supplement to their daily diet. One of the best available in the market today is the Vet recommended vitamin and mineral supplement PETVIM.  See our Ingredients page for examples of the benefits of  PETVIM’S all natural, soluble, vitamin and mineral formulation.

Giving your dog a daily vitamin and mineral supplement such as PETVIM can keep your dog live longer, stay healthy and in peak condition for life. PETVIM can assist with hydration, digestion and vitamin absorption. Correct vitamin and mineral supplementation is an essential aspect of any dog’s diet and is just as important for your dogs health as it is for your own!

As Petvim is an all natural blend of 7  superfoods, most dogs have never tasted or smelt anything like it before. At first, some dogs can be unsure of whether to try it. Persevere, as in a short time you will find your dog  loves the great taste of Petvim and you’ll even find that fussy eaters eat and drink more than usual.