PETVIM | PETVIM. A Heart Warming Story of a Pet Mom’s Love & Alfie’s Survival
PETVIM is the only all natural, soluble superfood supplement for cats and dogs. The powerful blend of 7 nutrient rich superfoods can help your pet stay healthy, happy and hydrated.
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PETVIM. A Heart Warming Story of a Pet Mom’s Love & Alfie’s Survival

29 Aug PETVIM. A Heart Warming Story of a Pet Mom’s Love & Alfie’s Survival

Thank you Vicki D in South Australia for sharing Alfie’s incredible journey with us – #NeverGiveUp ?

“‘A few years ago, when our beautiful #Groodle Alfie was nine he got a bad case of #Dog flu and since then he had lost his #Mojo. Alfie was depressed, he didn’t want to be with us and no longer enjoyed his daily walks We thought he was on his way out and sadly long before his time.

Alfie was regularly exercised and has always been on a premium #GrainFree dry diet mixed with #Raw meat like roo and chicken

I started doing research to find a supplement that may help him get better. I came across a website called PetVim and read Gabrielle’s story of how she saved her sick #FrenchBulldog Hugo from dying by giving him her #Superfood #Vitamin #Supplement and this really inspired me. I thought what have we got to lose?

We had tried giving Alfie many supplements and all of these just drained our wallet. My husband was very sceptical but I said I wanted to give PetVim a try. After he read Gabrielle’s story he also said let’s give it a go

After just two days of being on #PetVim Alfie was showing dramatic signs of improvement and within a week he was back to his young self. He improved so much he was even better than he was before he got sick!

Now at 12 years old Alfie is bright eyed, loving life and is happy and very energetic. We were astounded at how quickly PetVim worked and for this reason he has been on it everyday, ever since. Our Vet, friends and people who meet Alfie are amazed how well he looks with his glistening coat and how healthy he is for his age. I walk him at 6.30am every morning and he is not like a slow old dog, he is like a two year old with so much energy.

Seeing him so alive and happy puts a #Smile on my face and I truly believe PetVim is doing this to him. I know he will pass one day but PetVim has given him the best chance to remain vital and healthy until that very sad day comes

#ThankYou Gabrielle for making a supplement that doesn’t drain your wallet and does miracles for our loved ones. P.S. I mix 1 tsp. with water and put it in with Alfie’s dinner every day. I also recommend it to other people I meet who talk about their #Pets being old or unwell or those who think their #Dogs need an extra life boost

Wishing you the very best and again thank you for coming up with a premium affordable holistic supplement, Please Gabrielle share this story and I wish you all the success with this miracle product :o) ”

Vicki & Alfi, Christies Beach, South Australia To Purchase See Link in Bio

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