PETVIM | One of the Best Ways to Keep Your Cat or Dog Alive and Healthy
PETVIM is the only all natural, soluble superfood supplement for cats and dogs. The powerful blend of 7 nutrient rich superfoods can help your pet stay healthy, happy and hydrated.
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28 Nov One of the Best Ways to Keep Your Cat or Dog Alive and Healthy

Over three years ago the local Vet told me to euthanize my then 10 year old French Bulldog Hugo. Hugo was short of breath, weak and clearly was struggling. Against the Vet’s wishes I did not euthanize him and I thank God everyday for this decision I made! Today I’m happy to say Hugo is 13 and 1/4 years old and believed to be Australia’s oldest living French Bulldog. This morning, as he does every morning, he went on a brisk 45 minute walk and managed just fine!

I believe the fact Hugo is still healthy and alive is purely down to one thing I have been giving him everyday since his near death experience — PETVIM. Petvim is an all-natural vitamin and mineral supplement especially developed for cats and dogs. It is a rapid hydration and nutrient supplement made from a unique combination of seven superfoods. These comprise Coconut Water Powder, Maca, Beetroot, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Turmeric, Black Pepper and Lucuma. These amazing superfoods combined are packed with key essential vitamins and minerals and are by far one of the best ways to give your cat or dog the missing vitamins and minerals they need. Clearly Hugo was missing the key vitamins and minerals he desperately needed that day at the Vet, and by bridging this nutritional gap with PetVim, he not only got better naturally but has has gone on to live another 3 years … and hopefully many more!

Besides being a combination of all natural Superfoods the other unique thing about PetVim is that it is soluble. In fact it is the world’s only all natural soluble pet vitamin and mineral supplement for cats and dogs!

Being soluble makes the vitamins and minerals in PetVim up to 9 times more easy to absorb than regular, hard-to-swallow tablets. It is therefore one of the easiest and most effective ways to give your cat or dog their daily vitamins. Simply add the recommended serve into their daily water bowl and let them happily drink away all day. PetVim instantly dissolves, turning the water into a delicious beetroot colour, letting your know the vitamins and minerals are present and activated in the water. In addition, you can add PetVim to your cat or dog’s wet or dry food for an extra daily vitamin boost!

Like any vitamin and mineral supplements, benefits are noticed gradually and over time. However, if you cat or dog is dehydrated you will notice results fast as PetVim is a rapid hydration supplement and the benefits of this can be seen almost immediately!

PetVim retails at $24.95 per 150 gram packet, lasting between one to two months depending on your pet size. To purchase visit Ebay Australia or go to the PetVim online Shop at www.petvim.com/shop/

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