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28 Nov One of the Best Ways to Keep Your Cat or Dog Alive and Healthy

Over three years ago the local Vet told me to euthanize my then 10 year old French Bulldog Hugo. Hugo was short of breath, weak and clearly was struggling. Against the Vet's wishes I did not euthanize him and I thank God everyday for this decision I...

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15 Nov Why Diet Supplements are Essential For Your Cat and Dog

Daily multi-vitamins for humans are commonplace, but what about dietary supplements for the household dog and cat?Many Veterinarians have determined a lack of certain essential nutrients in their cat and dog patients’ diets and now consider vitamin and mineral supplementation for both cats and dogs is...

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15 Nov The Amazing Benefits of Beetroot for Cats and Dogs

The naturally sweet superfood Beetroot is one of the more popular vegetables at the moment, with celebrity fitness experts recommending them every week. But just how good is beetroot for you ? And can beetroot also be good for your cat and dog?This blog provides five...

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05 Nov Australia’s Oldest Frenchman- Hugo The French Bulldog

On 15 September 2016, the face of PetVim, French Bulldog 'Hugo' turned 13 and is now believed to be Australia's oldest living Frenchie.Over two and a half years earlier, (Saturday, 25 January 2014), Hugo collapsed in the garden of his home in South Brisbane, Australia. His...

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02 Nov Healthy Eating in Cats and Dogs on the Rise!

In the wild, animals obtain a healthy balance of nutrients and vitamins from raw, fresh food. When it comes to feeding our cats and dogs its difficult to find good quality food that provides the nutritional value our pets need. As we become more health conscious of...

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